Our Mission

"Cultivating young children to become well adjusted to dental experiences who regard their teeth and oral health as proud assets to their lives as they blossom into adulthood."

We are excited to have the opportunity to bring two closely-related dental specialties - orthodontics and pediatric dentistry - into one practice in Calgary.

We are committed to provide dental care to our pediatric patients, and our orthodontic patients of all ages, in a caring and comfortable setting.  Collaboration of orthodontics and children's dentistry can be readily achieved when the need arises.  Our patients may choose to receive their preventive, restorative and/or orthodontic treatment within our practice if it is of interest to the family.

We look forward to growing and sharing milestones with our patients and their family from a young age onward, while promoting a positive attitude towards oral health, so they will consider it as an asset as they pursue their achievements.


Ivana Chow and Tim Seto