Orthodontic Services

A healthy and functional "bite" (occlusion) promotes happy and healthy living.  This is because it improves and contributes to clearer speech, facilitates chewing and makes maintaining home care and oral hygiene easier.  Good oral hygiene allows for increased longevity of existing teeth and gum health throughout one's lifetime.  When establishing a functional and stable bite during orthodontic treatment, another result is an attractive smile, which is a positive side effect that all individuals seek for.  

The above goals are achievable for most individuals regardless of age.  Dr. Chow offers orthodontic services to children, teens and adults, who are in search of treatment to create such improvements. The ultimate goals are to give our patients a beautiful smile they can be proud of and a set of healthy teeth they can function with, so they can confidently welcome and conquer any endeavours they will come across in the future.  

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Early Check-Ups and Orthodontic Consultation

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children to have their first check-up at the first recognition of an orthodontic problem or no later than age 7.  Around this age, children have a mix of baby (primary) and adult (permanent) teeth.  Existing or possible developing problems of teeth eruption, bite function and/or jaw development may be present.  A timely and comprehensive assessment is useful in determining the need for treatment and the timing for any necessary corrections. For children who do not need immediate orthodontic intervention, they will be enrolled in our Orthodontic Recall Program so their growth and development can be monitored.  A treatment plan will be recommended at an optimal time for the patient if correction is necessary.

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Early Interceptive (Phase 1) Orthodontic Treatment

For certain situations, Early Interceptive (Phase 1) Orthodontic Treatment is recommended to create a better environment for permanent teeth as they come in. Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment also addresses problems of unwanted habits, such as thumb- or finger-sucking.  Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment targets specific problems that prevent teeth and jaws from optimally developing and functioning.

Dental appliances (self-removable or fixed in the mouth) are sometimes used together with braces to correct these specific problems.  The goal is to establish a balance among the jaws, face and mouth early so that normal teeth eruption and function may occur as the patient continues to grow and develop.  



Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment is for teens and adults who are seeking to improve their smile esthetics and/or bite function.  Also, it is provided to patients who had Early Interceptive (Phase 1) Treatment and now have most, if not all, their adult teeth, and desire to fine-tune their teeth alignment and bite.

For patients with complex findings, such as pronounced upper to lower jaw differences, gum and underlying dental bone problems, rehabilitative issues due to multiple missing teeth, and/or teeth of disproportional sizes, a multi-disciplinary treatment approach is often necessary.  A team consisting of a family dentist, orthodontist and/or dental specialists will be required to achieve a successful result with careful coordination.  

Orthodontic Brackets and Aligner Options (click on photo for description of each option)

Metal Braces

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Clear Aligner (i.e. Invisalign)